Branching out for Badgers

traffic management solutions for badgers

At tbf Traffic we are pleased to announce that we will now be offering traffic management solutions for badgers! Working closely with TARMAC and Cambridge County Council, tbf Traffic have provided a total of five badger gates to enable a clan of badgers in North Long Fen Drove, Sutton to safely negotiate the road around their sett.

Sean Sampson, Contracts Manager at TARMAC, said: “We were contacted by Cambridge County Council to urgently remove some vegetation around a badger sett and thankfully with the quick and efficient response from tbf Traffic we were able to safely complete this very individual project.”

During the installation further investigation of the site uncovered more entrances to the badgers’ sett. This resulted in the need for further gates and wiring to ensure the badgers safety and that of the general public.

Peter Ryland, Business Manager, said: “I have been in the traffic management industry for over 20 years and can say with confidence that planning and installing traffic management for badgers is certainly the most unique request!

“We were very happy to assist TARMAC in delivering this project for Cambridge County Council and pleased to be supporting the ecologist in providing a safe passing place for the badgers.”

The badger gates have been installed in time for winter hibernation and will allow the road to be safely passed by both badgers and vehicles.

To find out more about the services available from tbf Traffic, please contact: 01449 490865.