Green light for tbf Communication Course

Working with reputable training company, WS Training, tbf Traffic will be putting all site-based traffic management staff on a tailor-made one-day course, entitled ‘Communication Skills & Dealing with Difficult Behaviours’.

The course will cover all areas of communicating effectively with both clients and the general public. It will also train and support tbf Traffic management staff in how best to deal with challenges on site and in any situations where they may face difficult behaviours.

Gemma Sadler, HR Officer at BTS Group, said: “At tbf Traffic we are committed to giving all our staff members the training, support and tools they need to perform their job roles in the most competent and professional way.

“This new training course, which has been carefully created and planned with specific tbf Traffic situations in mind, will give our colleagues the skills to deal with any conflict or communication issues in an effective way.”

Team members will attend this unique course in small groups over a four-week period throughout November and December 2018.

To find out about traffic management job opportunities within the growing tbf businesses please contact our HR department on 01449 720330.