Investment in innovative new traffic light system

After a successful start to 2019, tbf Traffic are pleased to announce a significant investment in the new Pike Traffic Light System called ARVA (Advanced Radar Vehicle Actuation), which will enhance safety for the operatives and general public and reduce traffic build-up during temporary traffic management.

Darren Clark, Operations Director at tbf Contracting, said: “At tbf Traffic we are continuously looking into new technology and industry developments to ensure we are offering the best traffic management service possible to our clients. This investment, of nearly £300,000, into the innovative ARVA Pike Lights, showcases how dedicated we are to growing and strengthening our service.”

The Pike Traffic Light System, known as ARVA, is specially designed with radars that are low power and capable of tracking each approaching vehicle with their associated range and speed. This data rich detection will reduce false detection rates, increase detection reliability and further optimise the green signal timings. By decreasing the inefficiencies that can be found in traditional traffic light systems, the traffic will flow better and ensure fewer queues as well as going someway in relieving the frustration that the general public can feel towards temporary traffic management. In addition ARVA will remove the need for manual control of traffic light systems, on sites where this is applicable.

This exciting new product addition to the tbf Traffic service will be available from the middle of March 2019.

To find out more about the services available from tbf Traffic, please contact: 01449 490865.