TBF Traffic partner P.F. Cusack launches new Highway Sign video

highway sign

TBF Traffic is pleased to assist in promoting the highly informative new video created by P.F. Cusack to showcase the benefits of the recently launched Highway Sign.

The video focuses on explaining the entire process of the Highway Sign from why it has been created, through the manufacturing process, all the way to implementation.

Opening the video is a brief overview on why a new design is needed in the traffic management industry. The traditional A-frame sign requires sandbags. In some cases, these can split and cause waste on the roadside. This can lead to the sign being unstable and a possible trip hazard. Sandbags are also difficult to manage, being heavy and difficult to dispose of. The new Highway Sign is 49% lighter than carrying conventional A-frame signs and sandbags, and has passed all English wind tests.

One of the main points highlighted in the video is the Highway Signs’ positive impact on the environment. They are designed to be stackable, meaning traffic management vehicles can be loaded much more efficiently, leading to less journeys to and from depots and yards for equipment. Less driving = less emissions emitting into the atmosphere.

In addition to the above, mobile shredders can be seen in the video visiting customer depots to recycle unwanted barriers and cones. These items are broken down and then moulded together to create the base units for the new Highway Sign. Each of these contain 14kg of plastic that has been fully recycled rather than sent to landfill or incineration.

Through this video, partners in the traffic management industry can visualise the key features and benefits of the new Highway Sign. 

Darren Clark, Operations Director at TBF Traffic, said:

“The production of the video enables P.F. Cusack to further promote the many benefits of the new Highway Sign. At tbf Traffic we are proud to be part of this innovation in the traffic management industry and will be rolling out the new Highway Signs from the end of January across all our @One sites, starting off with a project in Tiptree.”

New Highway Sign – Quick Facts:

  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Reduces the weight per vehicle, allowing more units per vehicle
  • No need for sandbags or additional weights
  • The highway sign passed the English wind test with a 14kg base
  • To pass the Scottish wind test two base units are required per sign
  • No scrap value as contains no metal (except toggles)
  • The bases, posts and centre plates are made from 100% recycled material, and can be 100% recycled
  • The complete unit weighs 16 kilograms
  • You can use your existing 300mm centre signs assisting with unnecessary waste
  • The bases are stackable and have the smallest footprint of any Quickfit sign
  • The bases have hi-vis yellow strips for visually impaired persons