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If your project requires traffic management services, you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in providing safe traffic management solutions on all rural, urban and high-speed roads (including dual carriageways and motorways).

We start off by conducting a consultation where we will sit down with you and learn about your requirements. After the consultation we will move onto the research, planning and site survey stage. This will allow us to create detailed traffic management drawings and ensures you get a solution that runs smoothly throughout the duration of your project. Once all has been agreed and we have attained all relevant permissions – our traffic management operatives will begin the installation stage.

Your project will have qualified operatives on hand throughout its entire duration. From installation through to operation, and then final review – you can rest assured that your project is being handled by true traffic management experts.

Our traffic management specialists will work closely with you to devise an innovative traffic management solution that satisfies all stakeholders and keeps traffic moving safely around your project at all times.

We provide the full range of traffic management services for projects of all sizes and have built a solid reputation for ourselves as the go-to company for traffic management solutions. Please see below examples of the traffic management services we provide:

Road Closures

A legal road closure requires planning and approval by the relevant local authorities. tbf Traffic provide all that is required to obtain a legal road closure, including approved diversion route as well as it’s installation and maintenance. Read More

Bespoke Signage

Here at tbf Traffic we have the ability to manufacture bespoke signing for all aspects of traffic management, including event management.

Stop/Go – Manual and Remote

Stop/Go, Give Take and Priority working are still key aspects of temporary traffic management in certain situations. We at tbf traffic ensure compliant and safe traffic management for these elements.

High Speed Traffic Management

All of our operatives are equipped to operate on high-speed dual carriageways and motorways, with or without a hard shoulder, and are fully conversant with all the requirements set out in NHSS 12AB. Read More

Temporary Traffic Lights

We can supply all requirements from a simple two way traffic light set up, to multi phase traffic light set ups using the latest technologies currently available.

Pedestrian Lights

More and more it is a requirement to provide safe crossing points for pedestrians when temporary traffic management is installed. We have invested heavily in the latest pedestrian traffic light systems and pride ourselves on being at the fore front of this technology.

VMS Signing

Advanced notice of traffic management is essential to ensure the public and motorist is informed. One way of achieving this in areas where there may be traffic disruption is using Variable Message Signing (VMS). tbf Traffic can provide all VMS needs for any scheme.

Footpath Closures

We have worked closely with Sight Line and Streetworks on the new smart barriers for pedestrian management and footpath closures to provide and informative solution for the visually impaired. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this technology.

Lane Closures

Traffic management on dual carriageways requires a whole set of different skills and here at tbf Traffic we can advise, plan, install and maintain all requirements for lane closures on motorways and on all dual carriageways, including providing impact protection vehicles

Traffic Management Services

Other Traffic Management Services:

As well as the aforementioned services, we also have over 23 years’ experience providing:

  • Diversions
  • TTRO and TLA applications
  • Give and Take – Priority
  • Pedestrian Management
  • Convoy Working
  • Event Management
  • Low Speed Traffic Management
  • Emergency Traffic Management
  • Advance Warning Signing
  • Contra Flow
  • Dedicated Team to Deliver Community Notice Letters
  • And more…

For more information on any of the traffic management services we provide give our team a call now on 01449 490865, or click the button below to receive a free quote.

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tbf Traffic – Road Traffic Management Made Safe

At tbf Traffic, we place safety at the heart of everything we do. Which is why we always go above and beyond to ensure the public and all operatives are kept safe from harm throughout your entire project.

We guarantee that all health and safety requirements laid out in our ISO 9001 : 2015 NHSS 12AB and 12D quality management system are met at all times. As an overview, our safety policies cover the following items:

  • Employee
  • General Public
  • Equipment and Materials
  • Environment
  • Insurance
  • Emergencies and Accidents

We are proud to be the traffic management company who continually train, educate, review, audit and practice safety in everything we do. Every road management project our team works on will be completed to the strictest of safety standards. This is one of the key reasons we have remained at the top of our industry for over 23 years.

All traffic management operatives at tbf Traffic are fully trained and hold a full manual handling qualification, as well as a first aid qualification. This guarantees your traffic management solution will be carried out by experienced operatives who know exactly what they’re doing at all times.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about your road management requirements, click the button below and fill out our online form for a free no-obligation quote on your project.

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