Traffic Management Drawings

Traffic Management CAD Drawings

At tbf Traffic our process begins with quality and detailed traffic management drawings, a prerequisite for creating a well-thought out solution to traffic management needs.

We work closely with our clients in the early stages of planning to create carefully and considerately designed traffic management drawings that can be easily understood.

The scope of what we can achieve with our traffic management drawings covers all areas and aspects of the highway construction industry, from basic lane closures to multi-phase temporary traffic lights.

We use O.S. Tile to access maps that cover all of the United Kingdom’s rural and urban highways and motorways. Utilising this system our highly skilled and competently trained Planners begin to create the drawings. We produce both large-scale maps that show the full context of the area where the temporary traffic solution will be or focussed drawings that concentrate on the affected roadways.

Industry-Leading Traffic Management Design

We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of traffic management drawings, which is why we use the industry tested, approved and reputable software, CONE from CADaptor Solutions. Created by Traffic Engineering and Software experts, CONE was first introduced over 20 years ago and covers all aspects of temporary traffic management design.

Traffic management drawings are required for all temporary traffic management projects and must meet certain industry standards. These are detailed in Chapter 8, known as the “Red Book” – A Code of Practice Safety at Street Works 2013. At tbf Traffic we ensure all our drawings are of excellent standard and that every detail meets the standards required.

tbf Traffic offers the following drawing solutions for:

  • Urban areas
  • Rural areas
  • All classes dual carriageway
  • Applications for Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)
  • Traffic Light Applications (TLA)
  • Events

If you are in need of traffic management drawings for your project, give our helpful team a call now on 01449 490865. Phone lines are open 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday and we are always happy to offer any free advice you may need.

Please see the below examples of our high-quality traffic management drawings we have produced for previous clients: